Les Palmiers Beach Dress

Les Palmiers Beach Dress

$395.00 AUD

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The Pam Pam 'Les Palmiers Beach Dress' is a timeless garment, perfect for every woman who dreams of that little "go-to" white dress to slip on and feel fabulous in. 

Inspired by the elegance of Club Les Palmiers, situated upon the luxurious coast of St. Tropez, the 'Les Palmiers Beach Dress' comprises ornate embroidery with the shape of a classic silhouette. With features idyllic to a European Summer, this dress is a harmonious melange of luxury, refined beachwear and enduring sophistication. 

Whether you're off to Club Les Palmiers for an evening soirée or wish to wander around the streets of St. Tropez before basking in the sun, the 'Les Palmiers Beach Dress' is gorgeous in design and composition making it perfect for travel.